Via Gregorian (64M Pixel)

Via Sistina behind Trevi Fountain – Select for full resolution image

While we had an excellent guide for parts of most days while in Rome, we did schedule in free afternoons or mornings to just explore. One afternoon after lunch at Babingtons Tea Room (its excellent), I found this road, Via Gregorian. Via Gregorian runs behind the the Spanish Stairs near our hotel. While I’m sure something amazing happened here at some point in the last few thousand years, I just thought it would make a good photo (N 41.90458110066927 Latitude, E 12.48485078417275 Longitude)

As you might recall from my Trevi Fountain post, when you stitch photos together people in the photos are your enemy because they move between photos. It worked with the Trevi fountain because it showed movement and energy in the final product. I selected this spot because it looked cool and there were no people which is not easy to find in Rome.

This composite image is constructed from 16 – 12M Pixel images stitched together with AutoStitch, free software written by Matt Brown. The images were shot around 1:04pm in the afternoon of 7/7/2019. Total image ended up being about 64M Pixels.

This is a pretty good feel for what Rome looks like everywhere inside the city walls.

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