Positano Water Taxi (40M Pixel)

Positano Italy From Water Taxi – Select image for full resolution

After Rome we took a trip (a brief trip as it turned out) to Positano. Positano is about a 3 hour drive from Rome. The image doesn’t do it justice. It started as a fishing town and then blew up into a full on tourist destination. It was about 98 degrees and 98% humidity for the 19 hours we were there.

I took the 6 photos that make up this composite image while on the water taxi from our “hotel.” The boat ride was literally the most comfortable I was in the full 19 hours we were there. Our hotel was awful and expensive and I chant speak of it again. In spite of that we climbed around Positano, walked a million stairs and had a nice dinner (imagine eating dinner after someone threw a bucket of water on you). Anyway very interesting place, we will likely return on the shoulder seasons and stay a place more fitting my nature.

This composite image is made up of only 6 – 12M Pixel photos shot on my iPhoneX stitched together with AutoStitch, free software written by Matt Brown. The images were shot around 6:18pm in the afternoon of 7/9/2019.

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