Trevi Fountain (42M Pixel)

Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi) – Select for full resolution image

On our first afternoon in Rome we took off with our private guide to visit sites in the older part of Rome on the “Historic and Marvelous City Center Tour” near where our incredible hotel, Hotel Portrait Roma, was located. On that trip we saw the Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi) pictured above. I didn’t have a chance to capture the photos needed to make the above composite photo on that outing so I looped back a day or two later after seeing the Baths of Caracalla (Terme di Caracalla) and Roman Colosseum (Amphitheatrum Flavium) to grab the photos needed for this 42M Pixel composite photo.

Everything in Rome has an interesting story, some things look epic, and others have amazing history. The Trevi Fountain, in my mind, is the most beautiful thing in Rome, almost like Rome’s version of the French Eiffel Tower. While I think the image turned out good it still does not capture how large the fountain is. The way the fountain melds into the building is very unique and is quite stunning in person. Several years ago the fountain was restored by Fendi the Italian based fashion company for $2.4M, and today it looks like it was created yesterday.

Given the time frames involved the Trevi Fountain is pretty new by Rome standards. It was commissioned in 1625 by the Pope to replace a less dramatic fountain that was at the end of an Ancient aqueduct Aqua Virgo built in 19BC by the Romans to feed water into the city (along with several others). The project was put on hold after the Pope died but was completed in 1762.

This 42M Pixel composite image is made up of 22 – 12M Pixel photos shot on my iPhoneX stitched together with AutoStitch, free software written by Matt Brown. The images were shot around 1:25pm in the afternoon of 7/6/2019.

In this image you can see the effect of shooting a subject that is moving like the people below the fountain. While I try to eliminate people in these photos usually, I kind of liked the effect of having them in the photo to capture the motion around the fountain.

Trevi Fountain is very popular and is a do not miss thing to go see in Rome.

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