Caracalla Baths (75 MPixel)

Caracalla Baths (Terme di Caracalla) – Select for Full Resolution Photo

Continuing in the Mega Pixel photo series, next up is the Baths of Caracalla or (Terme di Caracalla) built around 215 AD. My last post had the 52M Pixel photo of the Colosseum that I assembled from photos taken on our “Ancient Rome Tour” with our private guide. This image above was constructed with images taken on our “Off the Beaten Path Tour”.

The size of this site is hard to fathom from photos or Google Earth. I found it interesting that the Bath House complex contained libraries, a very large pool (foreground of Composite Photo). It was kind of a Roman Spa and anyone with the most modest means could attend and were encouraged to.

The photo above is a composite of 37 photos, each 12 Mega Pixels each stitched together with with AutoStitch, free software written by Matt Brown resulting in a 75M Pixel image. The images were shot around 4:45pm in the afternoon of 7/7/2019.

Location photos were taken from

You are looking at the North East large wall of the Pool inside Baths and the two side walls. For reference the 37 photos were taken from the point of the blue dot in the above image from Google Earth in the directions of the white arrows. The photos were taken in two horizontal stripes, a lower strip and an upper strip.

The main wall seen in the photo looks distorted (bowed out) due to the greater than 180 degree field of view.

Photo to demonstrate the scale of the walls, see humans at left of photo

The walls are at least 150 feet high. This “room” was open at the top but all the others were enclosed as seen below.

A chamber in the baths where roof is still intact

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