Diocletian’s Palace (80M Pixel)

Basement of Diocletian’s Palace (80M Pixel) – Select Photo for Full Resolution Image

On our recent European Vacation we made a several day trip to Split, Croatia. Croatia has become popular in recent years, partly because a lot of Game Of Thrones was filmed in the areas of Split and Dubrovnik.

On this trip I have tried to make several high definition Panoramic Shots of interesting places. The following photo is an 80M Pixel Composite Photo of one room of the Basement (foundation) of Diocletian’s Palace. It consists of 30 – 12M Pixel Photos shot on my iPhone X stitched together with AutoStitch, free software written by Matt Brown. The images were shot around 9pm in the evening of 7/3/2019

Diocletian’s Palace is a place not to missed while visiting. The Palace was built on a foundation that leveled the area leading to the sea. The palace and now Market place resides on top of this foundation.

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