New Workshop

For a long time I’ve wanted to have a workshop to do both Woodworking and Metal Work.  I recently took a welding class at CU over a weekend and fell in love with building with metal.

Having a decent workshop at home is pretty hard to do.  You can make it work, and I have before, but it’s a pain.  Projects that take longer than a weekend start to impede on your life, you end up rushing them, and they don’t end up working out the way you want.


I started looking around for a space to lease but I just couldn’t get my mind around spending the $2,500 a month for something I didn’t own.  A few months ago I found Off-Site Garages being built in Broomfield.  Its only about a 10 minute drive from my house in Lafayette so I went and checked them out.

The model with Off-Site Garages is you purchase a unit (kind of like a condo) rather than lease it.  There are modest HOA fee’s and an HOA to keep you from cooking meth in your unit but as long as you’re a good neighbor it should work out fine.

I did some research and several places like this have been built around the Denver area.  They tend to sell out pretty fast and the units actually appreciate.  I like the idea of treating this like an investment rather than an expense so I put money down.  My thinking is its like an extension of my house (just 10 minutes away).  We considered moving to a location where I could build a workshop but the fact is we really like our house.  After 20 years in the same place we have customized a lot of the house, and with the girls gone its plenty large for us.

It’s nearly complete and I’m pretty excited to move in and setup a really cool workshop.

It’s a pretty large space, 25′ wide by 50′ long with a 25′ ceiling (there are larger and smaller units).  It’s large enough to easily fit a workshop and a two post lift so I can do some car projects as well.  You get your own electrical meter and breaker panel and high-speed internet is available.  All-in-all it should be a pretty sweet man-cave.

The photo above is from a few days ago so it’s getting there.  Im hoping to make it a nice enough space that friends with special projects can come and use a bit of the shop or the lift to change the oil on their car.  I’ll be posting my progress on the shop over the next year or so.

If anyone wants an introduction to the developer let me know.  He’s a pretty good dude and they still have a hand full of units left.

Let me know if you have any suggestions!

2 thoughts on “New Workshop

  1. Todd,

    How much do these sell for? I want one for myself and maybe I can find some place to build the concept for others.

    Tom S

  2. They are around $200K for the size I got. There are smaller ones and larger ones. Happy to make an intro. They are taxed as commercial space so you can expect about $4K a year in property tax after the first year.

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