A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to reboot FalsePrecision, my personal blog.  I haven’t made a post to the old FalsePrecision in over 7 years, but you can still visit it here.  With that version I posted from March 2005 to January of 2012.


I always liked the name FalsePrecision.  Of course its a tongue-in-cheek way of stating my opinion.  Everyone believes they are right about everything, so I decided to just build it into the name from the beginning.

I’m not sure why I stopped posting to the old blog but I think it was around the time that Lijit (my second company) started to get hard, really hard.  Something had to go and apparently writing was it.  I’ll talk more about all three of my companies on the new FalsePrecision, now with some time behind me where I can be more objective.

I have been active on Social Media for a long time.  I like Facebook because it helps me keep track of old friends.  I used to enjoy Twitter, but it feels to me now that Twitter is a social experiment gone bad. Im still on there, but to be honest, I don’t really enjoy it.

During the VictorOps years I did some Entrepreneurial Blogging on Inc. Magazine.  Most of that content I feel pretty good about and I will likely update it in this forum for new thoughts on old subjects.

In this version of FalsePrecision I will focus on content around Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, Software, Electronics, Aerospace, Books, Cooking and a new subject for me Retirement.  All things I have been interested in for a long time although some I haven’t really had the time to do.

It will be interesting to see where this goes.  I’m basically starting from zero readers again, but thats ok!




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